After months of having abandoned this ship, I found my way back to my first blog, Lost Storm. And it wasn’t without a pinch in my heart that I decided that it was time for me to put it in the past.

This journey helped me grow in so many different ways and it had truly become a friend and ally in my struggles through life. I started it back in 2016 and having dedicated so much time to it and shared so much of me there, it made it quite hard to stray away from Lost Storm.
However, as I now slowly enter a brand new chapter of my life, I realize that in order to keep growing and actually move forward, I need to let go of that old friend. So I am starting this new blog as I am truly a new woman after all the skin and tears that have been shed the last five years.

Fear not, though, you will still be able to read my old posts and visit my blog all the same by going to chloerivsblog.wordpress.com ; but I will not be posting there anymore.

If I’m being honest, I do not think that things will be much different on this blog than they were on the previous ones. But it is really all about starting on a blank canvas to accompany a new beginning in my life. That previous canvas had so many layers already on, I fear it would have completely collapsed and lost meaning if I kept adding more.

So, here’s to never giving up and to all those bruises & scars that the Universe has gifted/will gift us! You can find new posts below or by clicking here.

  • Time, again..

    September 15, 2021 by

    I am but a child, a daughter terrified I am fairly small yet I cannot hide I watch the stars high up in the sky As they all go out one by one The night keeps getting colder The days are no longer The Darkness has won I cannot see Where you are My love;… Read more

  • Prunelle ♥

    September 15, 2021 by

    Une à une les étoiles abandonnent le ciel. La lumière mensongère bientôt deviendra poussière, Rien n’est plus sûr que le futur daté d’hier Et la promesse de l’obscurité éternelle. Je compte sur mes doigts les dernières étincelles, Et contre le froid, la lutte sempiternelle, Je protège derrière moi des vestiges, des récits, Et je chante… Read more

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