…where Time is merciless and Light feeds darkness.

Lightfast grief

I know what forever is, it’s the illusion of Light. Nothing lasts but my heart.

There is no tunnel, no end in sight.
I will be watching as every beautiful flower —
Conduits of love, keepers of Light —
Grow weak and wither before my wide eyes.

The world fades and I am doomed to remain, to move on with the planet,
Tirelessly spinning and bringing me further from my own life — never a reward in sight.

Time took away the laughter from my childhood.
The truth slithered in between my teeth,
It left behind a trail of regrets.
I watched fallen petals spell out the end
Before they even hit the ground beneath.
My garden is a travesty, my smile is a burial ground.

Time does not heal.

It steals all the petals,
Breaks any brittle stalk
To build Its magnificent crown
Made of withered flowers
And rotten bones.

I know my skull will be Its centrepiece eventually, as I have selfishly watered these flowers with tears squeezed from my own heart. Eventually will not come soon enough, however. This song will never end on time, I’m afraid — I will be the last one to leave the stage.

Time will not heal.
The grief simply dries like a painting:
Once lightfast, it will stand the trial of time.
Never forgotten, nor left behind.

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3 responses to “Lightfast grief”

  1. Je suis très émue par ce poème si sombre , je voudrais que tu t’allonges dans l’obscurité ( ou pas) et que tu laisses la lumière venir en toi . Je le fais par la respiration ( mindfulness)… Pourtant, c’est très difficile pour moi , mais n’oublie pas l’impermanence des choses. Toi , la meilleure amie d’Olivier, demande lui de la lumière, peut-être écris – lui chaque jour , moi qui ne le fais pas, et le regrette vraiment….. Ton travail te prend tant de temps. J’aimerais en savoir plus , Chloë aussi secrète que chère à mon cœur.

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    1. Merci pour ton temps Claudie ♥︎


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