…where Time is merciless and Light feeds darkness.

a whispered chord, no progression

I built my nest in a sand clock;
safest haven, highest treetops.
I took a gamble on this tall branch
— maybe it’ll hold.

I don’t remember
where came the first cracks,
how immaculate glass stained.
what stone made the first ripple
on the river as she slept.

eternities starving on my lap
one of them especially
after I pulled it from behind

my crooked smile
the one that my teeth

no longer carry with pride

it all fades away
not into nothingness
for rot is where new life blooms,
and hell is where souls cannot rest;
eternal life but no immortality

I used to be free—for a moment;
big steps, deep breaths.

a purpose with no expiry,
roaming soul with no eye for money

forever, shattered in my hands
dreams turned to dust deep in my throat
The taste of an unfinished painting, a whispered chord

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