…where Time is merciless and Light feeds darkness.

Where demons are born | a poem

Bad memories linger, they don’t flicker.
They won’t go away with all the liquor,
It can only make them stronger,
Dancing around with more vigour.

The place that you thought you had left behind
Has in fact been following you around
Hiding in the echoes of your footsteps,
Singing along to your every heartbeat.
Different place, now the same; you cannot hide.

The person that you thought you had left behind —
A poisonous friend right from the start
Or a stranger playing the wrong part —
Left all these thorns inside your heart
Parts of them, now part of you; you cannot hide.

When bad memories linger, they don’t flicker,
They hang on tight, deeply rooted inside your mind.
It might take time, but in time, you will find
That darkness locked inside
The pretty box that you designed
Has found a better shape
To freely roam inside your mind
And those demons will never get tired.

Thank you so much for your time! I sincerely appreciate every reader/subscribers ♥

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this poem ♥

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