…where Time is merciless and Light feeds darkness.

A big ball of nonsense | poem

I am a big ball of darkness shaped like a cloud with an unstoppable frown,
Oozing on the couch, leaking out loud; heavy with rain…

Misery towers over me and watches over me; it never lets me be
But that’s just how it needs to be for the heavens to remain in the sky above me
And to keep the ground right where it should be, steady underneath me.

I am not a sad person, I am not a happy person,
On some days, I am barely a person;
But my fire always shines through the thickest black and blue.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but my misery is my joy;
My darkness is heavy, but without it, there can be no light inside me.

My fire comes with the wildest storms and acid rain that can melt your heart
It doesn’t want to be tamed ; many have tried and failed.
The few that remains have found just the light they needed
But this silent dance in the dawn comes at a price and
They will now forever be haunted by my broken melodies and empty symphonies.

I am a big ball of nonsense, running on an indistinguishable blend of darkness and light;
Fear fuels me, Misery makes me happy, and Time is running after me;
The less it makes sense, the more it takes on meaning and then turns to nothing.

Thank you so much for your time! I sincerely appreciate every reader/subscribers ♥

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One response to “A big ball of nonsense | poem”

  1. […] I am not one thing. I am not multiple facets or tidy habits or even the art I produce. I am “a big ball of nonsense”, all it does is, feel an ooze and reflect the Universe in its own broken […]


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