…where Time is merciless and Light feeds darkness.

You are not alone | poem

The world might be broken
But nothing can stop the Love
That’s pouring from the clouds above

the rain is not your enemy, remember
that sadness is happiness’s mother

The world might leave you lonely
But nothing can stop the wind
From holding your faded skin

storms will always be scary, but you will learn
that the darkness helps your fire burn

The world might try to break you
But nothing can stop the ground
From carrying you and your frown

gravity will grind your bones, but you will see
that only it can set you free

When you feel all alone,
Look up to the sky and
Let your eyes roam and notice
How the stars spell out your name;

Listen to the whispers in the wind,
The ones that say: you are not alone.

Thank you so much for your time! I sincerely appreciate every reader/subscribers ♥

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One response to “You are not alone | poem”

  1. […] like I wrote in my last poem, rain isn’t our enemy.For me, it feels more like a best friend that reminds me of my place in […]


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